Say what you see

back-garden-novemberPopped out in the garden today to cut the grass and to do a little bit of tidying up and it’s made a difference (above). The garden’s been in a bit of a state of late due to that virus and was looking rough to say the least.

While putting the flymo over the wet grass, thoughts of the things learnt (through the power of the internet) while lying in bed or sitting watching tripe on the telly while under the influence of that virus.silvermachineMick McManus (aka The Dulwich Destroyer or The Man You Love to Hate) supposedly had a hand in writing Hawkwind’s Silver Machine (info here.) Kendo Nagasaki managed
The Cuddly Toys and disco diva Laura Pallas (info here) and during the day they show old episodes of Catchphrase with Roy Walker.

After the hour or two in the garden today I settled down in front of the telly for a rest and watched today’s instalment. This one had Roy telling a contestant (a police dog handler) a joke that went like this “I saw a funny looking dog with a policeman once, it was half-Chiwawa and half Dachshund. I said to the policeman, how can THAT be a police dog? The officer replied, (pause for 1970’s comic timing) he is, but he’s under cover.” Awful, truly awful!


3 thoughts on “Say what you see

  1. Interesting tripe, Pete. I followed the Mick McManus link but couldn’t read it – it made me dizzy! The background stars were shifting and seemed to twinkle as I read across the page. I’ve got a bit of a virus; it could be that.
    Catchphrase is morbidly fascinating, like Bullseye, and Saturday afternoon wrestling – you don’t have to be mad to watch them, but it helps.

    (Sorry, about that. I struggled writing that last part, and even then I had to type this to disown it.)

  2. Take 2: Had another go at reading the Hawkwind/McManus post. It’s funny, and difficult to know when it goes from fact to fantasy. Or maybe it’s all made-up.

    • I reckon it is Pete. I read this somewhere that the McManus on the writing credit was Bob Calvert’s wife’s maiden name. He stuck that on it to get a better publishing deal. Very sad eh Pete. I’d like to think Mick “not the ears, not the ears” Mc was a “far out” songwriter.

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