Respect goes out to Buster (but not Phil Collins)

It was very sad to hear that the great Prince Buster passed away the other day. Here’s two corking records of his that have been special to us throughout the years from his massive back catalogue.

The above tune was featured on a 1970’s programme about Rastafari that was played very regularly here on video cassette many moons ago. It was reheard a few years later upstairs at a night at The Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon played by one Pete Holdsworth from Pressure Sounds who told us he found his copy in a charity shop in the 1970’s for a few pence. No!!!!!!!

The tune below was obtained in the 1990’s while bringing some some unwanted christmas gifts (including 4 packs of white socks, “no name” after-shave and economy “talc”) to the Scope shop in Camberwell. The chap behind the counter was sorting through a very recent donation of punk and reggae singles and was so chuffed of the contribution of white socks he let me have first dibs. Big up the white sock crew and long live The Prince!



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