We’ve seen Bono’s (neighbour’s) garden

Killiney_1We’ve just got back from a few days in Killiney (pronounced kill-eye-knee) just outside Dublin. It’s sometimes compared to the Bay of Naples in Italy as it’s got Italian road names as well as many tropical plants (succulents and towering cordylines abound,) mad eh? succulent 2The weather was a mixed affair but every day did have its fair share of sunshine (and equal parts of rain and wind too!)Bono's gardenWhile we were out and about we passed a couple of music-related gaffs, one a castle owned by Enya (very much like David Essex’s in Stardust) and the grand gated property of U2’s Bono. The above is a pic of his (or possibly his neighbour’s) back garden. I pity the poor gardener who has to put up with this symetrical style of horticulture but saying that, we love how the beehives are positioned at the end, very OCD.Druids seatOne day we visited and sat on the very ancient Druid’s Judgement Seat (complete with antiquated blue circle cement from the time of construction still visible.) Though nearby (which we unfortunately didn’t get to see) was a proper ancient monument from around 2500 BC the Ballybrack Dolmen, and one slap bang in the middle of a coucil estate. Bonkers!Ballybrack, julian copeAlso a couple of pints were downed in the pub where Bono took Barack and Michelle Obama in nearby Dalkey and we sadly missed out on a boat trip to the deserted (apart from some goats and birds) Dalkey Island by the delightfully named “Ken the Ferryman” as he was mid-sea at the time of calling (pic below – he’s the dot in the middle.)Who pays the ferrymanIf you ever end up out there, ignore the weather forecast and bring a pack-a-mac and some suntan lotion with you as you’ll probably need both of them in one day.


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