(Pete) Murphy’s Law

This week the above tune was discovered after a discussion at work about the band Bauhaus. It’s called Salahadeen by Jajouka Sound System which was a project by Dub Gabriel and Bachir Attar, leader of the Master Musicians of Jajouka plus one David J of Bauhaus.

I honestly never knew this at the time about Bauhaus and their love of Reggae: “How big an influence was reggae on the development of Bauhaus’s music? PM: Massive. We were listening to toasting music all the time, and David brought in a lot of bass lines that were very lead riffs. You can see how those basslines really formed the basis of the music, especially on Mask. We were more aligned to The Clash than anything else that was going around. We had no idea how to play reggae, but that was to our advantage because we expanded on that.” (from an interview with Pete Murphy here.)

And tonight on Youtube we found a lo-fi version of Salahadeen from Keith Levene which has a guitar hook around 0.51 for a minute or so (before it goes off on a tangent) that’s very very reminiscent of PIL’s “Poptones.”

Isn’t it funny what you find out through a discussion at work…


2 thoughts on “(Pete) Murphy’s Law

  1. Interesting Pete. Pete Murphy’s trying a bit of revisionism there, isn’t he? Either that or he’s understating the bit about Bauhaus “had no idea how to play reggae”.

    Is live sampling a thing? That’s definitely Poptones Levine is playing there. But as he wrote it that’s alright. And it’s a brilliant song, worth sampling.

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