Ladybird, ladybird

poppy appealThis morning before the sun started whacking out some serious heat this nice poppy (above) showed it head.

We must be getting boring in our old age as once we used to be obsessed with obscure seven inch reggae singles. The other year it was mint plants (including chocolate mint, pineapple mint and Eau de Cologne mint, god forbid!) now this year it’s the humble poppy. It’s not unknown for us to walk around the front and back garden in the late evening with a packet of poppy seed giving it a pinch here and there in an anarchic fashion. Fingers crossed this anti-social behaviour will pay off when we have all sorts of mad varieties springing up out of nowhere later this year. Dutch flag in the frontThe obsession started when we discovered this gem of a poppy, the dutch flag the other year and what a flower it is! We’re presently waiting on the postman who if all goes well will be bringing us some seeds for the Welsh poppy, papaver oases and Californian poppy sun shades. Expect more pics of the results from our evening clandestine poppy sowings.

This post was written while listening to this great chilled out mix from our mate Phil Mison (a.k.a the balearicbailiff/toothgrinder/facepainter) with the back doors open celebrating the sun we had earlier today as you never know what it will be like tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Ladybird, ladybird

    • Hi Neil, they say from spring to mid summer then an autumn sowing depending on the actual poppy. I’ve just sowed some more this evening so you’re well okay! Let us know how you get on and so send us some pics when they flower. Ta for getting in touch. Seed is quite cheap on ebay too.

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