How do you make a Zen garden?

A big shout to Dr Strangedub and DJ Baby Swiss from the excellent radio show Echo Chamber on KFAI who every Wednesday from the crack of dawn play the best in reggae, dub and downbeat.

On this week’s show they played Dr Strangedub’s “In the garden of dub” mix (above) from a couple of years ago celebrating the “pleasures of gardening, the roots of life and the seasons of nature.” We here think it’s great stuff and includes Singers & Players (ft. Prince Far I), Madtone, Leroy Sibbles, Jah Wobble, Lee Perry and lots more, dedicated to the late great Peter Sellers (aka Chauncey Gardner). More proof that music and gardening do mix!

The rebroadcasting of the mix comes at an apt time where last week Graham Porter on Gardening with Tim Crowther on BBC Radio Leeds said that we’ve now reached the point where tender plants can be now put out. But that’s after the plants have had a period of being hardened off, a good watering and some slug protection has been put down first. But do keep that fleece handy just in case and watch those weather forecasts as you never know if/when those damn frosts will reappear.

When’s that heatwave coming?

Tune of the week here at Weeds HQ, the title track from Mark Pritchard’s new album on Warp records. One to listen to on headphones while waiting for this heatwave that’s supposedly soon coming.

Big shout to Graham Porter for giving the green light for those bedding plants and frost-hating vegetables to go in on Sunday’s Gardening with Tim Crowther on BBC Radio Leeds. But do keep that fleece handy as you never know!

Turning on a sixpence

The weather experts say it’s going to tip it down tomorrow after a nice few days of summery type vibes. But with tunes like this from Bob & Gene and The Inversions (produced by the great Victor Axelrod aka Ticklah out of New York ) who cares. Thanks to the Rt Hon David Rodigan for alerting us to this one. Below is where the vocals are from, cheers to Ticklah and The Inversions for giving it an overhaul. Tune!

Walk tall…

Jims walking onionsA big shout to our good mate Jim N for this pic (above) of his egyptian walking onion (aka tree, topsetting, walking or winter onion) that’s now starting to “travel,” great stuff!

As you know we love a plant that’s a bit “out there,” and we do love the weird and wonderful world of the egyptian onion (below) and especially this website hereEgyptian Walking Onion + UFO

As it says on there “The ancient Egyptians worshipped onions. They believed that its spherical shape and concentric rings symbolized eternal life. Small onions were found in the eye sockets of Ramesses IV… The name “Walking Onion” was given to this plant because it literally walks to new locations. When the cluster of topsets becomes heavy enough, it will pull the plant over to the ground. These plants can walk between 1 and 3 feet per year!” An absolutely bonkers plant and as you know, bonkers is good!

Non-blunt business

tools for change

Big thanks to Fliss C for letting us know of the Tools For Change campaign. A few years back they helped her community garden project with reconditioned tools repaired by Wandsworth prisoners. So if you have any unwanted blunted hand tools (“no power tools, workshop tools or secateurs please”) bring them in to a Wyevale garden centre between 9 May – 9 June 2016 and receive 10% off new ones! Cos’ it’s for a good cause!

Find out more at

Superfly guy (or girl)

Dragonfly_2It was absolutely bonkers weatherise here in London today and we spent most of it indoors but when the clouds came over for half an hour in the afternoon, we transplanted some tomato plants out into the back. Come 4pm we chased an ace double-winged Dragonfly around the back garden in the extreme heat with a camera for ten minutes. Big up the tropical warmth!Dragonfly_1

Wanderin’ DJ Zdena lost in the garden

Zdenko_3A big shout to Zdenko Franjic (DJ Zdena) from Zagreb, Croatia for kindly sending us these pics of his great garden/orchard. Zdenko runs the Croatian alternative rock/blues/punk/indie label Slušaj Najglasnije! (Listen Loudest!) and distributes all sorts of books, comics and fanzines too.Zdenko_2Zdenko_1A few words from Zdenko: “My mamma left me a garden with an orchard. Then I met Nina (Varga) and we now spent our weekends there. We’re beginners in gardening but we’ve started to plant and now they’re growing. 

If that garden was good enough for my mamma, it’s good enough for us…”Zdenko_4Zdenko_5We just want to say here at weeds it’s a fine garden/orchard and best of luck with it as it looks like a special space! There’s some nice raised beds there too!Zdenko_6More on the massive output of the Listen Loudest label here and here. Ta to Zdenko for words and the Clarence Reid tune and Nina Varga for the pics.Zdenko_7Thanks also to Zdenko for his mix of Madtone‘s Dark Dread off The Sound Robbers From Outer Space CD from 2007.