Springtime in TW9

Flame vine_2Today we visited Kew Gardens for the first time in years and here’s some pics of the great stuff on offer. We loved seeing “in the flesh” the extraordinary Jade Vine (a member of the humble pea and bean family) that was featured in the post about the Prince Valley Guest House in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica last year here and here (pic below: the vine in situ in JA.)jamaican jadeGod knows what this wicker basket/hand-grenade flower below is but it certainly is special. You know we here at weeds love an out of the ordinary plant.Pon the mike

oh lillyblue bells at kewThere were some great water lilies, bluebells and spring flowers galore but as for the freshly watered vegetable beds below they’re well up our street.

I believe a sprit level, a length of string, a protractor, mucho patience and measuring tape have been involved to get these so neat. I wish ours at Weeds HQ were as bang on!ocd veg beds

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