Another one for Ron

Ron on radio 4Big shout to “The Gangsta Gardener” Ron Finley who features on this week’s Radio 4 Food programme here.

It all started with a simple act. Ron was fed up with the lack of fresh edibles in his neighbourhood (South Central LA,) so planted some veg in the empty plot outside his house which usually was a dumping ground for the odd mattress, fridge etc. “There’s nothing wrong with that” you’re thinking.

His local council didn’t think so and took him to court for “gardening without a permit,” how daft is that? This spurred him on into getting people in the local community involved in the veg growing bug, starting food growing projects on waste ground etc and now his message is spreading worldwide thanks to his continuing work. In his own words “We gotta flip the script on what a gangsta is — if you ain’t a gardener, you ain’t gangsta.” 

There’s a film called “Can you dig this” about Ron and the other people involved in the project and the changes it’s provoked. Search it out!

And here’s some musical choices from Ron from when he picked some tunes for us a short while back here.

Home Grow – Keith Cross

Be Free – J.Cole

Breathe – Blaze (Ashley Beedle’s Exhale Vocals Mix)

Apparently – J.Cole

Cheers to Sonya M of the Facebook group Last Gang in Town for letting us know about Ron in the first place! Big up Ron!


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