I swear the sun DID come out, honest!

Yesterday I spent a nice day outside in the warm sunshine tipping around, planting spuds and helping my daughter sow some seeds in her part of the garden.

As the day came to a close it started to get a bit cold so I stuck a bit of fleece over the freshly sown seeds/seed potatoes “as you never know what the weather will bring” I thought to myself. (Below) Fleece spread over freshly planted spuds just in case that damn frost shows it head (inset) What’s under the upturned plastic pot at the end of the bed.fleece it!Today it started very grey here in London and then in the afternoon it didn’t half tip it down. I later heard on the radio that it’s the beginning of Storm Katie, that’s going to bring some rubbish weather over the Easter holiday. Storm-KatieWhat next? A frost called Frankie or a snowstorm called Sid. What’s with the naming of weather all of a sudden?


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