A lust for lawns

A big thanks to our mate John F for sending us this clip of Iggy Pop in his back garden. Be warned though, theres a bit of effing and jeffing near the end but it is The Ig what do you expect? He does some t’ai chi, waters his veg with his shirt off and even mows his lawn. Who said music and gardening don’t mix?

Our next post in this “musicians and gardening” series will be some old footage we found of Mark E Smith talking about exhibiting Chrysanthemums and his love of kite surfing.

Mark E smith on mums

Another one for Ron

Ron on radio 4Big shout to “The Gangsta Gardener” Ron Finley who features on this week’s Radio 4 Food programme here.

It all started with a simple act. Ron was fed up with the lack of fresh edibles in his neighbourhood (South Central LA,) so planted some veg in the empty plot outside his house which usually was a dumping ground for the odd mattress, fridge etc. “There’s nothing wrong with that” you’re thinking.

His local council didn’t think so and took him to court for “gardening without a permit,” how daft is that? This spurred him on into getting people in the local community involved in the veg growing bug, starting food growing projects on waste ground etc and now his message is spreading worldwide thanks to his continuing work. In his own words “We gotta flip the script on what a gangsta is — if you ain’t a gardener, you ain’t gangsta.” 

There’s a film called “Can you dig this” about Ron and the other people involved in the project and the changes it’s provoked. Search it out!

And here’s some musical choices from Ron from when he picked some tunes for us a short while back here.

Home Grow – Keith Cross

Be Free – J.Cole

Breathe – Blaze (Ashley Beedle’s Exhale Vocals Mix)

Apparently – J.Cole

Cheers to Sonya M of the Facebook group Last Gang in Town for letting us know about Ron in the first place! Big up Ron!

I swear the sun DID come out, honest!

Yesterday I spent a nice day outside in the warm sunshine tipping around, planting spuds and helping my daughter sow some seeds in her part of the garden.

As the day came to a close it started to get a bit cold so I stuck a bit of fleece over the freshly sown seeds/seed potatoes “as you never know what the weather will bring” I thought to myself. (Below) Fleece spread over freshly planted spuds just in case that damn frost shows it head (inset) What’s under the upturned plastic pot at the end of the bed.fleece it!Today it started very grey here in London and then in the afternoon it didn’t half tip it down. I later heard on the radio that it’s the beginning of Storm Katie, that’s going to bring some rubbish weather over the Easter holiday. Storm-KatieWhat next? A frost called Frankie or a snowstorm called Sid. What’s with the naming of weather all of a sudden?

Songs to sow seeds to

Songs to sow seeds to-March

Here’s a nice collection of tunes to accompany your seed sowing this month. It’s an excellent mix tape from Chronixx and Federation Sound as mentioned on the great David Rodigan show the other week.

It features some well known chronixx tracks over some classic rhythm tracks like jah jah jahovah, king tubby meets the rockers uptown, cuss cuss, monkey man, joyride and much much more!

This month is a funny one for seed sowing as it’s still not warm enough to sow everything outdoors but you can give some carrots, beetroot, kale, broad beans, leeks, parsnips, spinach and turnips a go if it’s not too cold. I sowed a row each of beetroot, carrots, lettuce and spinach the other day, if they don’t work, they don’t work and it’s only a couple of rows of seeds wasted.

You can always start these indoors this month: aubergines, herbs including basil and the like, brussels sprouts, cauliflowers, chilli peppers, sweet peppers and tomatoes and what about starting a pot of salad leaves on the windowsill.

It’s still a bit early for spuds but in a couple of weeks time it will be and the gardening season will get underway and we won’t know what’s hit us!

STOP PRESS: Cheers to our mate Ciarán in Canada for sending us a pic of his advocado from seed (and some find looking sage in the background) that have grown all the way through their mild winter. How good is that? avocado

Sucker for a sunflower

massive sunflowersWe’re a sucker here for a packet of seeds, plant or bulb that’s advertised as rare, unusual or giant, and a few weeks ago we bought some Mongolian Giant Sunflowers on ebay. The blurb said “These sunflowers are monsters which grow up to 15 feet tall with enormous heads of up to 20 inches in diameter.” Once we read that, our paypal details were disclosed in a flash.

We’ll be onto trading standards if ours doesn’t reach the dizzy heights of the picture above but we only sowed the seed the other day and this is what it’s like now. We’ll keep you posted…tall, tall, tall

I was looking for a job and then I found a job…

Punk Rock Job

Recently we saw this great job vacancy for a Punk London Project Co-ordinator at The Museum Of London. If you fancy applying then read on as we’ve a mate on the inside who told us a little bit about the selection process for the job.

Initially they’ll be a multiple choice exam with questions like “How old is Charlie Harper?” “What group was Sting in?” peppered with some trick questions like “Was Debbie Harry in Sham 69?” Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

There will be tests that will measure “How high can you pogo (unaided)” and “How long you can do the punk kicking dance for (before you run out of breath)” which we’re in training for at the moment.

There’s a very high standard set by Richard Jobson which you should be aiming for at the first interview stage.

Alledgedly there’ll also extra points awarded for anyone who turns up drunk or late for the interview and also for any clever applicants who can throw in a few choice swear words too.

Application forms MUST be in by 5pm on Sunday 27th March.

That deadline’s no good for us as we’re usually settling down to watch Countryfile then Antiques Roadshow at that time of night with our Sunday dinner on our laps. Vive Le Rock!