(Nearly) on a festive tip!

jingle bells

A big festive gardening greetings to one and all!

As that supposedly Santa bloke/Saint Nick approaches and the solstice is on it’s way, it’s only fitting that we post up this oldie but goodie up on the blog to celebrate. This scratched reggae 7 inch blank out of the island of Jamaica (from the late Coxsone Dodd’s stable) was found in a second-hand shop in Coventry in the late 1970’s (the legendary “John’s” in Hillfields.) It’s seen better days but who cares, it’s a tune!

Any info on this oldie but goodie is well appreciated (“WI-0-608-A” Matrix number fans) as we know nothing about this blank 7″ apart from it may be from 1964 as the other side of it (M Robinson – Follow You) was released in the UK on the Port-o-jam label that year. Season’s greetings to one and all!

If this global warming lark keeps a going, we’ll all be having a Bailey’s with ice out in the garden come Christmas day afternoon after a morning of weeding!

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