It’s a small world…

My tiny

Our book of the week is My Tiny Veg Plot by Lia Leendertz (Pavillion) and was obtained from the shelves of Holborn Library. Earlier this week I was flicking through their “what’s new” section when I found this one alongside Dave Haslam’s (author of Debris fanzine) Life after Dark.

Lia’s book is well different from the usual gardening books as there’s no month by month “what to do” guide or “vegetables by alphabetical order” but features some well interesting plot ideas.

It includes amongst other things, a balcony in Bristol, a veg plot on the back of a pick-up truck (a bonkers but good idea!) in the states, a keyhole garden (a mad version of a raised bed) in Lesotho, a rooftop plot in Hong Kong, mobile herbs in the author’s camper van and our gardening friend Penny Golightly‘s London budget backyard too. A book well worth having a look at!


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