The good, the bad and the flexi

bones xmassThrough the post today came the excellent x-raymass flexi-disc from The Real Tuesday Weld featuring Marcella Puppini with Those were the days. It’s a lovely flexicard featuring on the playable side, an image of one of those Soviet bone bootlegs (more on those fantastic records here.)

If you want one of the x-raymass flexi’s, they are only a fiver plus postage and are available here.

Now the ugly…wogan

This flexi’s been in my possession since coming through my mum’s letterbox around 1973. As it says on Discogs “Rare promotional flexi featuring the voice of Terry Wogan (the mystery voice concerned here.) This competition ran through to 31st January 1974 for various Lever Brothers consumer products.”

Obviously not a collector’s item as no one has it for sale or wants one on Discogs and I can only wonder what the fantastic prizes were, a family pack of Vim perhaps? Ah, those were the days (my friend.)


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