Who put that moustache on me King Tubby LP?

Defaced value

Following on to our last post with the customised 7″ sleeves book, a big shout goes out to Strictly Kev (DJ Food) for letting us know about the great site “Deface Value.” It features all manner of creatively vandalised record covers which have either been found or intentionally altered. Have a butchers here, you will smile!

David Mancuso’s been in our loft again…

record covers book_1

The other day we rediscovered this mad old book/fanzine in the loft while getting the christmas decorations out. It’s 24 pages of home-made 7 inch record sleeves (the front and back covers of 12 singles) and originally purchased for a handful of shrapnel from a charity shop in Farringdon many many moons ago.

record covers book 5

record covers book 6

record covers book 2

record covers book_3

record covers book 4

Any ideas on who or why? Any info appreciated, as “it’s daft as,” as a good council gardening mate of ours used to say. We at weeds love a record sleeve/label that has been defaced in the name of love (“to my number 1 man/woman” etc) so do send us examples of any you have in your collection.

Big up the defaced record sleeve. And whilst we’re here, a happy new year to all of our readers/gardening mates worldwide!

(Nearly) on a festive tip!

jingle bells

A big festive gardening greetings to one and all!

As that supposedly Santa bloke/Saint Nick approaches and the solstice is on it’s way, it’s only fitting that we post up this oldie but goodie up on the blog to celebrate. This scratched reggae 7 inch blank out of the island of Jamaica (from the late Coxsone Dodd’s stable) was found in a second-hand shop in Coventry in the late 1970’s (the legendary “John’s” in Hillfields.) It’s seen better days but who cares, it’s a tune!

Any info on this oldie but goodie is well appreciated (“WI-0-608-A” Matrix number fans) as we know nothing about this blank 7″ apart from it may be from 1964 as the other side of it (M Robinson – Follow You) was released in the UK on the Port-o-jam label that year. Season’s greetings to one and all!

If this global warming lark keeps a going, we’ll all be having a Bailey’s with ice out in the garden come Christmas day afternoon after a morning of weeding!

It’s a small world…

My tiny

Our book of the week is My Tiny Veg Plot by Lia Leendertz (Pavillion) and was obtained from the shelves of Holborn Library. Earlier this week I was flicking through their “what’s new” section when I found this one alongside Dave Haslam’s (author of Debris fanzine) Life after Dark.

Lia’s book is well different from the usual gardening books as there’s no month by month “what to do” guide or “vegetables by alphabetical order” but features some well interesting plot ideas.

It includes amongst other things, a balcony in Bristol, a veg plot on the back of a pick-up truck (a bonkers but good idea!) in the states, a keyhole garden (a mad version of a raised bed) in Lesotho, a rooftop plot in Hong Kong, mobile herbs in the author’s camper van and our gardening friend Penny Golightly‘s London budget backyard too. A book well worth having a look at!

The good, the bad and the flexi

bones xmassThrough the post today came the excellent x-raymass flexi-disc from The Real Tuesday Weld featuring Marcella Puppini with Those were the days. It’s a lovely flexicard featuring on the playable side, an image of one of those Soviet bone bootlegs (more on those fantastic records here.)

If you want one of the x-raymass flexi’s, they are only a fiver plus postage and are available here.

Now the ugly…wogan

This flexi’s been in my possession since coming through my mum’s letterbox around 1973. As it says on Discogs “Rare promotional flexi featuring the voice of Terry Wogan (the mystery voice concerned here.) This competition ran through to 31st January 1974 for various Lever Brothers consumer products.”

Obviously not a collector’s item as no one has it for sale or wants one on Discogs and I can only wonder what the fantastic prizes were, a family pack of Vim perhaps? Ah, those were the days (my friend.)

Cyprus calling, Cyprus calling…

A big cheers to Haji Mike out of the lovely island of Cyprus for getting in touch and for sending us a pic of his Lemon Verbena bush. He writes “It’s in a shady place so the sun doesn’t get to it much in the summer and in the winter it gets some protection from the cold winds off the mountains” but looking at it now it’s looking great! Mike also mentioned a lot of people locally call it Mexican Oregano. Has anyone heard it called that before?

Anyway it’s a great smelling shrub and makes a refreshing tea, what more do you want out of a plant, get yourself a pot of it! Thanks again for the tip Mike.

Haji Mike's Lemon verbena