The temperature a fall

Blue King Brown featuring The Congo’s – Babylon a Fall

Thanks to our good mate from across the pond Doctor Strangedub (and DJ Baby Swiss) for playing this one on this week’s The Echo Chamber on KFAI (a show well worth listening to live or on play again, and on a great radio station which has all sorts of music shows represented on it.)

This is a lovely roots tune featuring the talents of Melbourne’s Blue King Brown with The mighty Congo‘s, it’s one with a wide range of vocals and is a grower. Give it time, give it time…

Fast and (free) bulbous

A big thanks to our good gardening friend Lewisham Gardens for letting us know about the offer of free spring bulbs (delivered free as well!) to communities in London by The Metropolitan Public Gardens Association and Taylors Bulbs of Holbeach.

It’s first come, first served and they’d probably appreciate a picture of the bulbs in their flowering glory in the spring which is no big deal.

So if you’re part of a community gardening group, a street or school, fill in the application from (available here) and keep those fingers crossed. Big up free bulbs!

Three for the new year

talksI know it’s a bit previous, but as part of the Free lectures at Gresham College next year there’s some interesting ones in the Mondays at One – Garden and Gardeners series.

There’s Wildlife Gardening on March 7th 2016, Chelsea Physic Garden through the Ages on March 14th and Gardening Entrepreneurs on 21st March. 

They all start at 1pm at Barnard’s Inn Hall and run on a “first come, first served” basis and doors open half an hour before the event to get that seat near the front (and avoid the one in front of the pillar.) Stick these in your diary if you love a talk!

Three for Thursday

weather rain november

This Saturday morning I was hoping to tidy up the fast decaying and untidy mess that is the back garden and give the grass one final cut. Don’t look like I will be, looking at the above!

Here’s three Yabby You (R.I.P.) tracks to stick on at the weekend (loud) while enjoying a hot toddy that’ll take your mind off the rubbish weather (unless the met office is wrong!)

Tune in, turn on. It’s two for tuesday

han and egg radioA couple of great tunes heard on radio shows this week. The first is a lovely loop laden piece of ambient electronica by Gnesis called Pear off the DJ Kicks LP by Actress played on Tom Ravenscroft’s show. Haunting ain’t the word. One to look at the seed catalogues to and decide whether it’ll be artichokes or asparagus peas.

The other is Seconds, Minutes, Hours by David John Sheppard as played by Andrew Weatherall on his Music’s Not For Everyone show on NTS Radio here. Tune! Thanks to our good mates Maz and Marc for re-reminding us about that show.

Don’t go all ziney on me…

Wimbledon Zine Fair 2015_2

Continuing the fanzine theme of the last post, a big thanks to Fliss for reminding us about the Wimbledon Fanzine fair next Saturday 14th November at Wimbledon Public Library from 1-4.30pm. It should be good if you like all things ziney!

Fliss has a new gardening blog called Jewels in the Soil, named after the discovery of the first turnip grown on her allotment and it’s well worth having a look at!

Saturday night shouty vibes

ded yampy-sweary

Big cheers to the “Ranting Poetry, Sweary Poetry, Boozy Poetry” blog, Stand Up and Spit for featuring my fanzine from 1980, Ded Yampy in today’s post (here).

Other recent posts there include William Burroughs & Devo from the NME in 1982, Annie Anxiety’s “Barbed Wire Halo”, Flipper, George Orwell and the bizarre Wavis O’shave. If you love all that old time shouty stuff, have a butchers at Stand Up and Spit!