Ain’t that peculiar

Big thanks to our good mate Pete B in Japan for getting in touch and letting us know what the vocal version of The Crystalites tune in the last post was.

It’s funny but that organ riff was going around in my head all last night and I kept saying to myself “I know that tune, I know that tune!” but for the life of me couldn’t remember what it was.

And as if by magic I receive a message from Pete this morning with the answer to the question I didn’t ask but needed to know. Cheers Pete!


One thought on “Ain’t that peculiar

  1. Good one Pete. Used to play the vinyl loads in the 70s on Tighten Up Volume 2. Now it comes up as an mp3 on my phone every now and again so I knew it straightaway.

    Nice Mick Kahn tag! I’ve got a mate who occasionally puts David Sylvian stuff up on Facebook, only he isn’t joking. Lovely hair mind.

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