Non X Factor business (Death in the arena)

Whack the stereo up loud, open up those back doors and blast out this corker from Pinchers & Bounty Killer called “Don’t Get Weary” while sweeping up the earliest of those autumn leaves. If it’s the evening when you are reading this and you’re indoors, just turn the heating up and pour yourself a Baileys and Brandy and enjoy.

Years and years ago the Rhythm Doctor introduced me to the pleasures of the Studio 1 12″ single which led me to buy “Death In The Arena” by The Soul Vendors (the original of the above rhythm from around 1968) from Dub Vendor on reissue in the early 1980’s.

And by chance while looking around the web this morning, I found the inspiration to the Death In The Arena rhythm by Pretty Purdie called Funky Donkey from 1967. It is funky as the name suggests, but I do prefer the Jamaican jazzier take on it.

And if you want more of the same here’s a version of it I bought (supposedly brand new) as a seven inch single in the Midlands in the late 1970’s by U Brown called Black Star Liner. Mine is authentically pressed very off-centre with lots and lots of surface noise. Tune!


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