That man is forward

greenhouse classics_JFThanks to our mate John F again for passing on another greenhouse classic; “a song to bring us some sunshine” but as he says, “is one tinged with sadness; the late, great Rico Rodriguez playing with the Special AKA who sadly passed away yesterday.” And he’s right R.I.P. Rico Rodriguez, a true reggae legend.

John sent us this link of a great video funnily enough shot at a legendary Coventry late-night eatery called “Noel’s Cafe,” features a few Coventry music-related celebs and doing a nice bit of dancing, our good friend The Rhythm Doctor who I either forgot or never knew was featured in this. Well I never!

5 thoughts on “That man is forward

  1. Just found this on a two-tone blog about the video: “Jungle Music was made in Noel’s Cafe on Foleshill Road in Coventry, where we all used to go because it was open late. Noel and his wife are participants, as are the kids who used to hang out there on the space invader machines.” Great stuff!

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