Zucchini and I

Paul's courgetteIt’s all gone a bit courgette-centric around here at the moment. A big shout to our good mate Paul W for sharing with us a pic of his first ever courgette (above). It was grown in a raised bed from a plant bought outside Charlton train station in May this year on his way home from work (four plants for two quid, a bargain or what?) Great stuff Paul! weeds courgettesOur courgettes are doing are doing well too (above) not bad from a packet of seeds from the seed swap earlier this year.

Last weekend another good mate was telling me that the two things on his allotment that never fail are courgettes and beetroot which incidentally are two great crops for someone who fancies starting out gardening. As long as you give them enough water and a feed every now and again you’ll get good results. In the case of courgettes, keep picking them when they are young (and watch they don’t turn into a marrow-like affairs) and you’re onto a winner. Don’t blame me though if you get a glut of the things though!

On the subject of gluts, anyone out there have any good recipes for courgettes? Send them to onedeckpete (a) gmail.com or leave a comment on this post.

Meet me at the trippy greenhouse

greenhouse classics_MiloBig thanks to our good pal Reverend Milo Speedwagon for his contribution to the second of Greenhouse Classics, a spot where one and all get to choose a tune to blast out while in the potting shed, down the garden pond or while stirring your Comfrey liquid.

The good Reverend picks a lovely tune from C Duncan (who’s been featured on Weeds  here before) called “Garden” aptly enough. It’s one to enjoy loud while putting your feet up after turning over those beds you’ve been meaning to do for years.

As Milo explains “Imagine a bunch of hippy gnomes slowly emerging from the undergrowth…they sing this song while gently stroking your weary head, pampering your inner soul and softly sending you off to the end of the garden to fetch their cup of tea that’s just right for drinking now…..that’s where this tune takes me.” Just wonderful Milo!

We’d love to hear your Greenhouse classic, never mind the genre, anything considered as long as it’s good. Send it to onedeckpete (at) gmail.com or comment on this post with a youtube link and we’ll take it from there.

Remember as that long forgotten punk group sang, “No Genesis, Cliff or The Rolling Stones… in 2015!” as a refusal often offends.