Open up (those greenhouse doors)

greenhouse classics_odp
Here’s the first of a new feature called “Greenhouse Classics” where we stick up a tune to be played loud while out in the garden or repotting in the greenhouse.

port o jam

The first one in the series is a personal favourite of ours from 1964 by M Robinson called Follow You  found in a junk shop in Coventry in the late 70’s for 10p. Originally picked up on a blank seven inch, I bought another version recently on Coxsone Dodd’s Port of Jam label where it was tucked away on a B side to a tune called Who Are you. Turn it up and open up those greenhouse doors!

Fancy contributing to Greenhouse Classics? It’s easy, send us your nomination with a youtube/soundcloud link to onedeckpete (at) (or leave a comment on this post) and we’ll feature it on the blog. Any genre is welcomed, old or brand spanking new, we’re not fussy as long as it’s good. Non-gardeners welcomed too!

Please note: No Thin Lizzy’s or Dire Straits as a refusal often offends.


4 thoughts on “Open up (those greenhouse doors)

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  3. Hi Michael, brilliant stuff! Love the youtube, a great tribute! I got the single in 77/78 and didn’t find out about it until about 5 years ago. It’s one of my all-time favourites and has a great b side too!

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