The image has cracked

Piggot on a spiggotOn the way home from work tonight I walked past some stuff in the street outside a house. There was an old portable TV set and a couple of prints of famous jockeys on horses in broken picture frames. Beside them was a note saying “Take Me” on it.

A few minutes later, I passed a woman with a very heavy looking rusty iron clock-face about 6 foot high. The woman was leaning against a wall well out of breath, waiting for a cab as she couldn’t carry the clock-face to the bus stop. She told me she’d won it off ebay for £6.50 and had just collected it from the seller. My thought was “and much will it cost you to get it home?”

These two events made me think of one of our Sounds From The South episodes from christmas last year called “Take Me I’m Yours” about finding stuff in the street or on a skip, a subject that is dear to our hearts.

All of our other Sounds From The South podcasts are archived on i-tunes here or Stitcher here.


2 thoughts on “The image has cracked

  1. Funny about the jockey pictures and the other “found stuff”. I also love to find freebies and bring home for re-use. Of course…a few times my wife was not so happy to see “what the cat dragged in”. LOL!

  2. Hi Dr Strangedub. Great you’re into finding stuff too! Sometimes if I am walking past a skip with my kids they’ll say “step away from the skip!” I’ve found all sorts of great stuff (and rubbish too!) My wife not keen on some of the stuff either!

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