Typically tropical

INI Movement – 13 Moon Cycle Mixes – El Búho (Self Existing Moon) 

The heat in London yesterday was bonkers, hitting around the 35 degree mark during the day and come the late evening it was still nice and warm when the garden hose was set upon those parched plants out the back.

Talking of tropical, a big thanks to my good friend Will J for letting us know about this super mix, part of INI Movement’s 13 Mooncycle mix series where they invite an artist to curate a mix for the new moon. This installment is a lovely chilled affair from El Buho featuring some great stuff from all over the shop including the great Acid PauliNicola Cruz and a lot lot more and as it says on the soundcloud “El Buho has curated a flowing piece of music bathed in moonlight, fit for a dark, mysterious evening filled with hooting owls, swaying trees and tribal rhythms to dance around the fire (to).”

And it’s also a mix to blast out loud through the patio doors while you’re flaked out on a deck chair in the back garden with a glass of vino come late evening and one to complement Maria Thun’s Biodynamic Calendar (which I have regrettably haven’t been using of late due to being a bit lazy!)

Big shout to the sun and the moon as we’d be knackered without you!


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