Take stock my friend

Night scented stock 1Here’s a favourite of mine, Night Scented Stock that is dotted all around the garden. The plant itself isn’t that impressive but the smell of the flower in the evening is great, especially if it’s near the back or front door. I sowed a load of the seed earlier this year in an old plastic Post Office container (found in the attic when we first moved in) and what’s good about that, is that it can be moved about for maximum effect.

I originally got into Night Scented Stock when I first started buying packet of seeds from the supermarket/garden centre and discovered the great smell of the flowers. I now have gone a bit hardcore and buy a whole load of seeds from ebay (2,000 for £3.94 inc P+P) and sprinkle them all over the garden over staggered intervals. Even Kate Bush has done a track about the plant. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed on a warm summers evening when the back door’s open! night scented stock 2


2 thoughts on “Take stock my friend

  1. I love Night Scented Stock(ings) as I prefer to call them, with their sweet and sultry perfume. I sow a pot outside the back door every year for night scented deliciousness, coupled with the jasmine. Now we just need some more sun to bring the perfume out….

    • Ha ha, I love that name! You can’t go wrong with them and they reward you well! Jasmine is great too! Reminds me of a holiday we had in Cyprus years ago and there was Jasmine planted everywhere.
      Cheers Scarlett!

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