On a gardening home-brew tip!

Today I popped out and did a few hours in the garden in glorious sunshine can you believe! One of the jobs I did was to make some plant food with some Comfrey leaves (Bocking 14 Comfrey is the best as it doesn’t set seed) which I steeped in water in an old fermenting bucket from my days of wine-making (which weren’t that successful.)

Bin_2Comfrey is a great plant to have in the garden, it spreads like wildfire, the bees go bonkers over it and if you rip off loads of leaves and stuck them in a bucket of water for a few weeks it makes a great plant feed. Stick in some nettle and borage leaves into the mix too and it’s even better.Bin_4

Bin_5For God’s sake don’t breathe in the stuff as it’s lethal! I repeat do not smell the liquid. Keep the lid on for a few weeks and when it’s done (It’ll turn into a sludgy black liquid) water it down and apply it to your plants. More on how to make it here.


3 thoughts on “On a gardening home-brew tip!

  1. Very interesting Pete…. I never knew comfrey “brew” was a good fertilizer… I always mix up some “munky water” (as my daughter has called it since she was small) with seaweed/algae extracts and fish emulsion. Also pretty stinky.

    • Hi Dr Strangedub, yeah it’s great stuff but smells like anything! Get a plant/root of the Bocking 14 variety and you’ll be well away. Keep ripping off leaves and make the feed. The bees love the flowers too. I love that “munky water”! Does that work well then? Pete

      • Also just got this off a gardening website “Comfrey plants are a must in any garden. The leaves, (which can be cut several times a season) can be used as a compost activator, a mulch to feed the soil, made into a liquid feed or mixed with leafmould to make a base for a potting compost.” I also always put a couple of the leaves in the hole when I am planting seed potatoes. Pete

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