The seed box connection (in a plywood style)

Grow your own _Seed box

In one of this month’s popular gardening magazines there’s a feature about making your own seed box with various drawers and compartments. I know I’m a bit OCD when it comes to my seed container so I can’t talk, but making one out of sheets of plywood with “25 sections which I am going to put into alphabetical order” is taking it a bit too far I reckon. What’s wrong with an old biscuit tin?

Here’s a couple of tunes (thanks to David Rodigan as ever for these!) to stick on loud while looking through your (possibly chaotic and in a non-alphabetical order) seed tin and sorting out what’s going in as the growing season is near enough with us. Happy seed tin exploring!

Ini Kamoze – Hill and gully Ride (Xterminator)

Damian Marley, Pressure and Tarrus Riley – Mental Disturbance  (Yard Vybz Entertainment)


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