Never been to Bluewater

LopazLast night I popped into Lidl and got a right old bargain, a pair of expandable loppers for £7.99. How good is that? I’ve always wanted a pair but never got round to getting some until now.

What was funny though, was when the chap on the checkout saw them he made a big thing out of it, pulling them apart and posing with them like it was a bullworker from the 1970’s, much to the annoyance of the twenty people behind me in the queue. Very odd!

He then said to us very matter-of-factly, “Do keep your receipt Sir, and remember you do have up to fourteen days to bring them back if they break.” Does he know something I don’t?


2 thoughts on “Never been to Bluewater

  1. A great buy. I purchased much the same last year (or was it the year before??…) when Aldi opened locally. Like yours mine cost £7.99 and have been excellent thus far, saving me at least a tenner if not more compared with the branded versions sold at Garden Centres and superstores and the like.
    Enjoy lopping – I do, and often!

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