Let sleeping chillies lie

Phill Harmony chilli in hibernationA big shout to our good friend Phil Harmony in Berlin who produces the excellent dub night radio show. Last year we featured his great balcony garden in our “dub gardeners of the world unite” feature here.

This winter Phil brought in his Jolokia Chocolate Chilli plant and here’s a couple of pics of the state of play at the moment. I always thought Chillies were annuals but it was only last year when I was in Shannon’s Garden Centre and they showed us a couple of plants they kept indoors over the winter that I found out they’re short-lived perennials given the right conditions. Over the winter months the plant goes into hibernation mode and can look like it’s a goner but come the spring once the weather improves, the plant will begin to sprout new growth. Phil Harmony chill in hibernation_2There’s some great information about overwintering Chilli plants on the Dartmoor Chilli Farm website here and it mentions there that they’ve had good success overwintering the Jolokia variety.

Thanks to Phil for picking an excellent tune to accompany the pictures from Kabaka Pyramid ft. Protoje called Warrior. Tune!

Nice one Phil, do send us some more pics once the plant gets going.


2 thoughts on “Let sleeping chillies lie

  1. My pepper plant that I brought in for a 2nd wintering in the house just died 😦 But some peppers – especially chilis and other HOT peppers – will go right back in the outdoor garden over and over again.

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