A (very choice) five from across the pond

Ron F with a great onion!A very big thanks to Ron Finley top gardener from across the pond (above, holding what possibly might be a north holland blood red onion, one of the packs of seeds I got off ebay cheap the other day. Or is it a variety of leek?) for picking these five top tunes for us. Cheers to Sonya M of the Facebook group Last Gang in Town for letting us know about Ron in the first place!

Home Grow – Keith Cross

Be Free – J.Cole

Gangsters With Shovels – Sizzla (Kalonji)

Breathe – Blaze (Ashley Beedle’s Exhale Vocals Mix)

Apparently – J.Cole

Cheers again to Ron for sending us the excellent tracks. Do yourself a favour and whack up the volume and listen to the tunes, further proof that Gardening and music DO mix!

Best wishes to all dub (and non-dub as we don’t discriminate here) gardeners all around the world for 2015 from us here at weeds up to me knees. May the frosts stay away from your tender plants!


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