Return to the garden-Ing

This tune from the mighty Mungo’s Hi-Fi went through my mind as I spent a couple of hours in the garden today. It was nice to be back, cleaning up, cutting back and getting that dustbin incinerator back into action!

Kirkbrandon's incineratorAs Kirk Brandon of Theatre Of Hate sang all those years ago “I incinerator, I incinerate, I incinerate” But he forgot to also put in the words “the neighbours are angrily slamming their windows shut, their windows shut, THEIR WINDOWS SHUT!”

Talking about Theatre of Hate, a few years ago I featured in the blog this stone that I found on the beach in Camber Sands. Ain’t it a ringer for old Brandon’s mob’s logo. Big up gardening!

kirk brandon rock


One thought on “Return to the garden-Ing

  1. Big shout to Doug at Mungos’ Hi-Fi who got back to us via the email, a big thanks and a big up to Mungo’s Hi-Fi!

    Hi Pete,
    Thanks for your message and support in your blog. We would all be keen gardeners if we didn’t live in flats without gardens, and with precious little spare time to indulge our green fingered urges.
    More strength to you, your blog and all gardeners everywhere.
    Peace and Oneness,
    Doug and the mungo’s crew

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