Good tidings of compost and joy

seeds of 30 types

Christmas Eve started on a good tip today with the postlady delivering the 30 packets of seeds I bought on e-bay for £6 odd the other day. There were some great stuff in there, flowers, herbs and vegetables and not a duplicate packet of cress seeds in sight! And they were well in their sell-by dates as well.

Talk about getting a good deal, I recommend everyone having a look on ebay (but not too often as we don’t want to put the local garden centre out of business!) On the veg tip I got some butternut squash, leek, cabbage, red onion, two varieties of tomato (gardeners delight and moneymaker, two decent varieties) beetroot, courgette and pepper (sweet minimix.) As for flowers lots of annuals including aster, cherry rose nasturtium, phlox and nigella amongst lots more. Bargain!

I even spent an hour or so today tipping about in the garden and sowed some leek seeds in a tray under a cloche. I know it’s a bit previous, but who knows what the weather will bring, saying that the weatherman mentioned some cold nights and frosts to come.

So a big festive greetings to all gardeners everywhere and let’s hope 2015 is one good year when it comes to the garden!


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