A (very choice) five from across the pond

Ron F with a great onion!A very big thanks to Ron Finley top gardener from across the pond (above, holding what possibly might be a north holland blood red onion, one of the packs of seeds I got off ebay cheap the other day. Or is it a variety of leek?) for picking these five top tunes for us. Cheers to Sonya M of the Facebook group Last Gang in Town for letting us know about Ron in the first place!

Home Grow – Keith Cross

Be Free – J.Cole

Gangsters With Shovels – Sizzla (Kalonji)

Breathe – Blaze (Ashley Beedle’s Exhale Vocals Mix)

Apparently – J.Cole

Cheers again to Ron for sending us the excellent tracks. Do yourself a favour and whack up the volume and listen to the tunes, further proof that Gardening and music DO mix!

Best wishes to all dub (and non-dub as we don’t discriminate here) gardeners all around the world for 2015 from us here at weeds up to me knees. May the frosts stay away from your tender plants!

Return to the garden-Ing

This tune from the mighty Mungo’s Hi-Fi went through my mind as I spent a couple of hours in the garden today. It was nice to be back, cleaning up, cutting back and getting that dustbin incinerator back into action!

Kirkbrandon's incineratorAs Kirk Brandon of Theatre Of Hate sang all those years ago “I incinerator, I incinerate, I incinerate” But he forgot to also put in the words “the neighbours are angrily slamming their windows shut, their windows shut, THEIR WINDOWS SHUT!”

Talking about Theatre of Hate, a few years ago I featured in the blog this stone that I found on the beach in Camber Sands. Ain’t it a ringer for old Brandon’s mob’s logo. Big up gardening!

kirk brandon rock

All that’s on are damn repeats…

A big Boxing Day shout to all gardeners! Just to let you know the first series of our Sounds From the South feature on Fab Radio International‘s The Dirt are now all up online on Soundcloud.

There’s a load of garden related babble and a whole lot lot more. Log on and drop off!

Good tidings of compost and joy

seeds of 30 types

Christmas Eve started on a good tip today with the postlady delivering the 30 packets of seeds I bought on e-bay for £6 odd the other day. There were some great stuff in there, flowers, herbs and vegetables and not a duplicate packet of cress seeds in sight! And they were well in their sell-by dates as well.

Talk about getting a good deal, I recommend everyone having a look on ebay (but not too often as we don’t want to put the local garden centre out of business!) On the veg tip I got some butternut squash, leek, cabbage, red onion, two varieties of tomato (gardeners delight and moneymaker, two decent varieties) beetroot, courgette and pepper (sweet minimix.) As for flowers lots of annuals including aster, cherry rose nasturtium, phlox and nigella amongst lots more. Bargain!

I even spent an hour or so today tipping about in the garden and sowed some leek seeds in a tray under a cloche. I know it’s a bit previous, but who knows what the weather will bring, saying that the weatherman mentioned some cold nights and frosts to come.

So a big festive greetings to all gardeners everywhere and let’s hope 2015 is one good year when it comes to the garden!

Two for christmas eve eve

Protoje Ft Chronixx – Who Knows (Gregory Morris Dub Mix)

African Sciences – Circuitous – Pan
Two for playing very loud while wrapping up those christmas gifts or dancing around the back room with a Baileys to, celebrating the start of this festive season (and to blot out out the thought of how much brass you’ve already spent on presents!)

No scrumping in So-ho OK*

Apple tree_3

* Not sung to Crass’ “Banned from The Roxy” unless you want to.

Walking down Dean Street, Soho last week I spotted this great apple tree growing from a basement.

What made me laugh more than anything was the first line on the information sheet fixed to the front fence, “First keep your hands off my apple tree which has taken 15 years to grow.” A nice tree with some great fruit on it even in mid-December!Apple Tree_1

Chucked out for the binmen OK*

Row fisherman* Sung to Crass’ “Banned from The Roxy”

Here’s a nice fish related object found by my wife outside a house thrown out for the binmen this week. This’ll look great by the garden pond!

There’s a connection with the fish and this week’s Sounds From The South on The Dirt‘s Christmas Special this Monday night from 7-9pm on Fab Radio International. Tune in live here and turn on (man)!