S is for Squash and R is for Ross

Squashing machine

Three corkers this week, one from the back garden and two from Ross Allen and Andrew Hale’s brilliant show on Misoul available here.

The above is the squash/blue pumpkin harvested this evening. This is the first time I’ve ever had success with squashes, I got this specimen (which was the only one) from a plant that I constantly watered and fed weekly during the summer. It went all sprawling over the shop, but it was worth it for this mad looking thing with weird eyelashes! Big up the squash!

Johnny Clarke – Babylon – Cha Cha
And here’s two corkers from Ross and Andrew’s excellent show on Misoul, it’s been a while since listening to it and the first time back I wasn’t disappointed. The first is the excellent Johnny Clarke with Babylon, a Jah Shaka favourite which has a great dub too.

Gloria Ann Taylor – Love is a hurting thing
Next is a tune I’ve never heard before and one that puts me in mind of Siouxsie and the Banshees “Happy House” and Eddie Kendricks’ “Girl you need a change of Mind” with Liberace at the controls! Don’t listen too hard to the mix as the kick drum is well up front. Two tunes to take your mind of the bad weather of late!


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