Two for the sun, nowt for the new i-phone

Romain Virgo & Exco Levi – Education (Get it in your head) – Penthouse Records 

Konshens – Don Dadda (Supercat Style) – Greatest Creation Riddim 

Two great tunes for this intermittently sunshine-filled Sunday afternoon as played by The Rt Hon Rodigan of late. Lovely!

Love the “The i-phone, the i-pod, the Blackberry sims, without education they don’t mean a thing” lyric in the Romain Virgo/Exco Levi tune.

Talking of i-phones, I had to laugh at the people camping out outside the Apple Store in Covent Garden from Thursday afternoon, waiting to buy the new i-phone the next day at 9am. It was freezing Thursday night and there was even a storm in the early hours of Friday too. Was it worth it I ask?

I do hope there were campfires with mass sing-a-longs outside the shop that night and sausages and eggs being fried up on calor gas camping stoves in Covent Garden piazza at 7am. But somehow I doubt it.

Anyway, haven’t they got better things to do like sitting in the back garden in the late afternoon sunshine with a glass of Vino or do a bit of strimming perhaps?

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