Last of the summer lime

Lord Creator – Such is life – Randy’s

Big thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s “The last Saturday of Summer” at Limewharf  and for making it a great day out! Big thanks to Emma at Limewharf for sorting it out, Marc B for the idea and The Rhythm Doctor (who played the above), Thea and Mark G for playing some brilliant tunes! It was a perfect venue for getting together and chatting over a few bevies to some great music.

A couple of gardening related things picked up while at Limewharf yesterday. Firstly, thanks to Dell for letting us know about the forthcoming Cordwainers Garden Autumn Show on Saturday 20th September at 182 Mare Street E8 3RE from 11am-3pm. Look’s great, who’s the local celebrity I wonder?

cordwainersAlso thanks to our old musical collaborator, Hayereyah for passing on his new CD with a gardening themed cover. Great rootsy stuff as per from Hayereyah, no gardening pun intended!humility before honor


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