An allotment like no other

Phil_2Looking on the web over the last few weeks, I discovered a great community gardening project in Berlin called Allmende Kontor. The collection of allotments, which are mostly in an experimental style, are housed on part of the disused Tempelhof Airport.Phil_1And this is what I’ve managed to gleam image-wise about the place from the internet. There’s some really good “out there” stuff going on, I mean, look at this mad runner bean igloo (above.) Brilliant, you could even kip in there!Phil_4If this was in the UK, the allotment committee would be well on your case and you’d be given your marching orders straight away I reckon, but look at the madness, it’s great!

Does anyone know anything more about the project? If so, we’d love to find out more! This site here has some great images from the project on it, it really is bonkers (in the best way possible!)

Or is there the equivalent of the above in the UK, if so we’d love to see pics of it too! Send your info about Allmende Kontor and/or photo’s of UK allotment madness to onedeckpete (at) gmail (dot) com.

***UPDATE*** We’ve just received an email from the folks at Allmende Kontor who told us that “the Igloo isn’t part of the Allmende-Garden and belongs to the Schillerkiez-Garten as there are three more garden projects around the area.” What, more mad gardening projects? Brilliant! More about Schillerkiez-Garten here.


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