Big up the dirt!


Here’s last night’s episode of The Dirt on Fab Radio International featuring our very own “Sounds from the south.” Have a listen to the show as there’s a lot of mad stuff on it including news that the Peckham Parakeet has a northern relative!

The show is available as a podcast here and “Sounds” appears at 14.40 minutes in. Thanks very much again to Simon, Ricky and Paul at The Dirt for having us! For episode one of the new format of the show have a listen here and “sounds” appears in the first few minutes if you’re interested. The Dirt, a gardening programme like no other, indeed!

Pic above: Two “playful” Peckham Parakeets in Vic Godard’s back garden trying to dismantle the bird feeder.

3 thoughts on “Big up the dirt!

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