Typically tropical

A big shout to Phil Harmony for putting us in touch with Jackie and Robert from the Prince Valley Guesthouse (and the adjoining coffee farm there too) in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and thanks to them for getting back to us.Night blooming CEREUS ready to openWe’ll be featuring a piece on the guest house in the very near future and tonight looking at the pictures we have of it, this plant has really knocked us out. The two pictures taken by them show a plant called a Night Blooming Cereus, and what a plant! The flower only blooms at night, very fragrant and is only a very short lived affair. More on the guest house and their coffee farm very soon!Night blooming CEREUS. Very fragrant and blooms only at night.


3 thoughts on “Typically tropical

    • Glad you like it. The Blue Mountains seems like an out of this this world place judging by some of the plants. I love that night only flowering one, wish we could grow them here!

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