All flowered up on a Friday (the lull before the storm)

I got the camera out well early in the garden this morning when it was flowers-a-go-go before the all day mental heat and pressure built up, leading to this evening’s mad storms (and probably arguments down the pub too!)

Dutch Flag Poppy in the place:Dutch flag in the frontPumpkin madness:pumpkin do

Zucchini, my friend:on a zuchinni tip

Who’s that Lilly?:oh lilly pondBefore it tipped it down, Beats In Space: Show 738 was on loud pon the stereo. Have a listen here. Pt 1 has the mad Brazilian jazz stylings of Moreno Veloso (with a couple of live tracks) and Pt 2 has a cracking mix from Mark Barrott/International Feel in an downtempo Balearic stylee.

Both great stuff for a summer’s evening before it tips it down and one to transport yourself from the back garden to a balearic holiday destination (without the crap stag nights and expense!)

A big shout to Tim Sweeney from all at Weeds Up to Me Knees and to “happy” gardeners everywhere!


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