You bring out the gardener in me

A big thanks to Vic Godard from the great Subway Sect and his partner G for sending us these great photo’s of their garden. If you remember earlier this year their excellent runner bean wigwam was our beanpole of the month. It’s featured again in the photo below as a backdrop to those squawking parakeets you often see around these parts.


Love the tomatoes in the grow bags with the great watering devices, they look like cut off pop bottles if I’m not mistaken.


In the flower department the garden features some wild roses, mallow and sweet peas. They look great!

Vics wild roses



Best of luck to Vic and his forthcoming run of gigs starting with The Latitude Festival next week (19th July) and the also for the release of “1979 Now” in October. Cheers Vic and G, ta for the pics!


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