Much strangeness in the garden

A big thanks to the good Doctor Strangedub for putting us in touch with another dub gardener Phil Harmony who presents the excellent Dubnight Radio Show from Berlin (listen to the latest episode of the show here.) Phil grows a wide selection of stuff on his balcony including tomatoes, peppers, raspberries, strawberries and the hot as hot, ghost chilli (nagaia jolokia.) More to come about Phil’s balcony soon.

jamaican jadePhil also mentioned to me about the Prince Valley Guest House in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica who grow their own coffee, and last night looking on their Facebook page was this picture of probably the maddest plant I’ve ever seen. It’s the Jade Vine, a member of the pea and bean family so it’s related to the humble kidney bean down the allotment, how good is that, and the bats love them too. Ah, I’ve just read it’s not frost tolerant, so it’ll won’t be much good in my back garden then! From one great Jade to another…

Black Jade – Drum Fashion – Jade (off the excellent “Contempo” LP)

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