When the echo chamber dishes the dirt

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Big shout to our good friends Dr Strangedub and DJ Baby Swiss for the rebroadcast of “In The Garden Of Dub” part 1 of a mix for all dub gardeners, on this week’s Echo Chamber on KFAI. Before the mix is a rerub of my appearance on The Dirt the other week. Cheers for airing that!

Also on the show there’s some great new music from Phil Harmony, Nate Wize, Alpha Steppa, and more… Download it here.

Download the updated “In The Garden Of Dub Part 1 & Part 2” (dedicated to the late Peter Sellers aka Chauncey Gardner) here:


2 thoughts on “When the echo chamber dishes the dirt

  1. Nice one Pete. Glad you enjoyed the show, and cool to hear that Si from The Dirt is “well chuffed”. When I heard the phone interview on THe Dirt, I knew I had to rebroadcast it… And then it seemed natural to follow it with the “In the Garden of Dub” mix for another summer run. We at the Echo Chamber just love to get “in the Dirt”!

    • Great stuff Dr Strangedub. Loved the show this week, great to hear the The Dirt on The Echo Chamber! Music and gardening go so well together! Big up The Echo Chamber and a shout to DJ Baby Swiss too!

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