Dub like shower

Sizzla – Rain Showers (Bronx Dogs Dub Mix)

A nice super-fast Sizzla remix from many moons ago by Bronx Dogs (personally, I play the dub at 33 and pitch it up) but still a tune! Lovely speeded up tubby “squawky” high pass filterisms in the mix too. Sounds fast the first time you hear it, but after a few plays it makes sense!Rainy night in SE23The tune does sum up tonight well though, I’d just finished watering the garden and low and behold the heavens opened! Here’s a pic mid-shower (above.) Not too much colour in the back at the moment just shades of green but it won’t be long until that starts changing. Notice the fence has now been completely painted, that didn’t take too long to finish did it? Only 2 years!

I’ve also stuck in an old photo (below) of what the garden was like when we moved in six years ago. Talk about nervous breakdown material, bonkers was not the word!

Mental mental radio rental!Below: An old sink, the plastic greenhouse back in business after the £10 replacement cover (Ta Penny Golightly for sparking the idea!), a sunflower, tomato and a dahlia in some reused ready mix cement tubs and just in shot, one of those blue mushroom trays. Give it up for the (multi-purpose) plastic mushroom tray!Pat Roach in the corner

Sizzla – Rain Showers (Bronx Dogs Vocal Mix)


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