Olla, olla, olla. Oi, oi oi!


A shout to Mihaly at Dig This Nursery for telling me about this mad watering device. An Olla used in the garden is a terracotta vessel buried in the ground for keeping plants well irrigated without wasting water. More info on the humble Olla here. Pics taken from the Oyana website who produce them.

olla into the ground

They’ve got some Ollas in the window boxes on The Hobgoblin next door to the nursery with some well healthy looking plants in them and Mihaly told me that they haven’t been watered for a couple of weeks. No idea how much they cost but it’s an ingenious idea. Invented by the chinese many moons ago I was told!

Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) – Tamla Motown


I’ve just had an email from Guillermo from Oyana:
“The Ollas I am producing now will all have glazed tops. The reason for this is because they lose even less water as the water doesn’t evaporate through the neck. Also, they won’t have any stains of fungi or mould growing which may happen if not glazed.”

“Dig this Nursery prices of glazed top ollas are: £9 for small and £15 for the big one and It will be London’s first stockist.”

Brilliant stuff! Thanks for getting in touch!

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