Strike while the iron’s hot

Cornell Campbell – The Gorgon – Hot Stuff

Earlier today I watched a brilliant film about the great Bunny “Striker” Lee, “I am the Gorgan” at the BFI by Diggory Kenrick, I won’t say too much as it’ll give the game away but it’s possibly one of the best reggae history films I’ve seen. Some good clips, great animation and spot on with the facts!

Later on in the short Q&A session upstairs at the BFI, DJ Tony Williams who used to present the reggae show on BBC Radio London confirmed that it was a great representation of reggae history of the 1960’s/70’s. It even featured a gardening related piece, a Lime tree in Bunny Lee’s yard which grew like billy-ho once his mum named it “Bunny” after her son. Perhaps we should all start naming our plants and then watch them grow!

A couple of times in the film it featured a clip of Daddy U-Roy live on King Tubby’s Hometown Hi-Fi from early 1975. The quality is something to be desired but it’s quality all the same. Downloadable here.

Before the Bunny Lee feature there were a couple of films from Molly Dineen, one a short, a tribute to Sugar Lincoln Minott and the next, an excellent film from 1981 called Sound Business featuring Lloydie Coxone (who produced “caught you in a lie” and of the Coxsone sound system) and the Young Lion Sound from South London. It was a corker and a historical document of those times. It featured a dance in Brixton Town Hall where if it happened today, jobsworth council health and safety officials (with clipboards) would have closed it down within seconds. A piece of UK reggae history!


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