Dirt wears white sox

Thanks to Simon Diamond of The Dirt, “a gardening show like no other” on Radio Fab International from the city of Manchester for sending us this. It’s a top 5 of tunes his guests have requested on the programme.

1. Can You Dig It? – Rap Battle (Gardener Vs Slug.) Requested by Dan Woods from ‘Can You Dig It?’ They’re South London musical comedians in an allotment themed stylee and have been on Garden’s Question Time too! Soundcloud the tune here.

2. Oddysey – Going Back To My Roots. (The original by Lamont Dozier above.) Requested by Manchester’s gardener-in-residence, Sean Harkin. The National Trust have hired him to inject some new life into the city’s green spaces and to give inspiration to people to ‘grow their own’. How good is that! I bet he isn’t nipping off early on a Friday afternoon or spending most of his working day leaning on a hoe chatting to passers-by like in my old council gardening days.

3. Jimmie Rodgers – Honeycomb. Requested by urban bee-keeper, John Mouncey. He attends to the hives on the roof of Manchester’s Art Gallery with another beekeeper fantastically called John Peel.

4. Fela Kuti – Water No Get Enemy. Requested (repeatedly!) by Paul Exall from MORFF E.M. Technology. Morff promote bokashi, natural farming and cleaning up pollution on Manchester’s waterways.

5. Rt Hon Bob Marley – Get up, Stand up. As requested by Mary Clear from Incredible Edible Todmordon. A community growers group who campaign for local food. Good on you!

Tune into The Dirt on a Sunday 6.00 – 8.00pm on Radio Fab International here.


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