A word to the wiseguy/girl

Dillinger – Ragnampiza – Black Swan
“My name is Ragnampiza and I don’t eat fertilizer” toasted the great Dillinger in the 1970’s and he’s right, I’ve just walked down the garden and smelt the new load of comfrey water fermenting and it don’t half whiff. It’s not the sort of stuff you want to ingest!

On Gardener’s Question Time last week Bob Flowerdew (we’ve been sending him emails on and off for the last year asking for his musical top 5 but he refuses to answer) mentions he cuts his comfrey liquid with stinging nettles and borage to get an all-round plant feed. Big up D.I.Y. liquid fertiliser making if you can put up with the stench!

One Deck & Popular – Son of Stitt – Black Country Route
This tune is nicked off that. I do know, as I know the bloke who ripped it off!

Bob Andy – Chains – Studio 1
But the original tune is nicked off this! Thanks to Mistah Brown for educating us on this classic a few years ago. Tune!

Bob Andy – Set Me Free – High Note
A later redo produced by the late and (very) great Sonia Pottinger. Lovely bonkers organ solo in an (very) non Rick “freemason of lodge 3098” Wakeman stylee.


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