Digging The Dirt

The Dirt

A big shout to Simon Diamond of The Dirt, “a gardening programme like no other” on Fab Radio International from Manchester (via the web) who got in touch with us last week. As it says on the website, it’s a programme that “champions have-a-go gardeners and outdoor idlers,” there’s no mention of latin names of plants or any Andy Williams tunes.

It isn’t like anything else. I listened to the last couple of shows on play again last week and it’s an interesting mix of gardening related stuff with a sense of humour. They had an angus beef farmer who also runs a music festival, the week previous, an urban beekeeper in Manchester and a chat with David Bevan, aka The One-handed Gardener. It’s not GQT and the show don’t take itself too seriously, but you know they’re well passionate about the old gardening lark. A while ago they rang their gardening expert for his weekly update only to speak to his neighbour who was around his house feeding his cats as the chap was away on holiday, all live on air, great stuff! The audio of that daftness is here.

Also each week it features the Idiot Gardener. I’ve been listening to his podcasts at work all last week, absolutely mental! He’s knows his stuff and don’t take fools gladly, think of MC Pitman on the allotment. A warning though, he’s not Alys Fowler and uses some choice language (like we all do.) Hear his appreciation of the big tin can in space (The International Space Station, you know we love that here at weeds) here, his views on the Big Allotment Challenge here (we’re with him on that!) and finally the Idiot Gardening ethic here. Big up Idiot Gardening!

The Dirt is not your usual gardening show and it’s a good one, have a listen, you will laugh! Every Sunday on Fab Radio International or on listen again.

Desmond Dekker and the Aces – Music like dirt (Intensified ’68) – Pyramid UK


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