Dub it Doctor Strangedub, dub it!

A big shout to our good pal across the pond Dr Strangedub for sending us a couple of charts of reggae tunage in a summer style. As you know the good Doctor with DJ Baby Swiss presents the excellent Echo Chamber on KFAI every Wednesday morning (available on archive too) featuring the best in reggae, dub and downbeat. Here’s a selection of summer 2014 listening (in no particular order):

Top 7 Reggae songs 
1. Sunshine Music – Island Time – Shandy, Will, & Grruff (Kudos)
2. Watch How You Walk – Inspiration – Jah Wobble & PJ Higgins (Sonar Kollectiv)

3. Hope – Dubcatcher – DJ Vadim (ft. Rio Hemopo & Sabira Jade) (Sonar Kollectiv)
4. Caruru – Magnetica – Quantic (ft. Lara Renno)  (Tru Thoughts)
5. Never Give Up – Knowledge Shine Bright – See-I (Fort Knox)

6. Postman – Twice – Hollie Cook (Mr. Bongo) 
7. In This World – FutureWorld – Thomas Blondet (ft. Leyla Chatti) (Rhythm & Culture)

Top 10 Summer Reggae Albums 
01. Island Time – Shandy, Will, & Grruff (Kudos)
02. Twice – Hollie Cook  (Mr. Bongo)
03. Dubcatcher (Mr. Bongo) – DJ Vadim (Mr. Bongo)
04. Send ’em to Outta Space – Yabass & Friends (Atomic Sounds)
05. Inspiration  – Jah Wobble presents PJ Higgins (Sonar Kollectiv)

06. Serious Time – Mungos Hi-Fi  (Scotch Bonnet)
07. Knowledge Shine Bright  – See-I (Fort Knox)
08. Dubmatix In Dub – Dubmatix (Renegade/Echo Beach)
09. World Citizen – Black Slate (Unit 8)
10. Destiny – Raging Fyah (Soulbeats Records)


2 thoughts on “Dub it Doctor Strangedub, dub it!

  1. Hey Pete –

    Nicely done. Very cool to include some YouTube vids!

    My criteria were: new release, summer, upbeat vibe, vocals (rather than dubs). In other words, breezy, upbeat reggae to listen to on high volume while doing some dub gardening.
    A couple exceptions: not a lot of vocals on the “Dubmatix In Dub” album on the album list. and although “Watch How You Walk” from Jah Wobble & PJ Higgins certainly has an upbeat vibe (quite reminiscent of “Uptown Top Ranking”), the subject of the lyrics is quite serious stuff. Of course, when you are busy gardening, one tends not to dwell on serious subjects…

    Maximum respect,
    Dr. StrangeDub, KFAI-FM

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