Hand in glove (the sun shines out of our raised beds)

I spent a few hours in the front garden this morning as it was so nice (and the front was well overdue a tidy-up.) The only trouble was I couldn’t find my usual gardening gloves so did most of it bare-handed without any hand protection. Am I suffering now? Too right, me hands are as sore as anything and talk about blisters!

First thing tomorrow morning (er, midday) I will be popping down Shannon’s for some decent gardening gloves. The ones below are my favourites (as they remind me of my council non-work gardening days,) what are yours? Please send us  pics of your favourite gardening gloves to the usual email: onedeckpete (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll show them in our new feature “Gardening gloves of the month.”

the queen of council gloves

Talking of gloves, I remember a couple of years ago when I was on a course ran by our good gardening friend Scarlett I was introduced to the latest in hand protection technology, “Gloves in a bottle.” Now you’re talking, luxury!

Gloves in a itTalking of Morrissey, a mate met him once while his band was supporting The Smiths on a couple of dates on a tour years and I recently asked him “Was Mozza a good bloke?” to which he replied “Not really, he had a really clammy handshake.” How can you judge a person by his or her handshake?


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