Left out for the binmen, OK*


*Sung to Crass’ “Banned from the Roxy”

We mentioned the other week this great quote from Terry Walton; The motto of a dedicated allotmenteer is ‘never buy what can be reused or borrowed.’ Well here’s something which was found outside a sandwich shop last week. They’re originally used to house mushrooms but these trays make handy plant pot/seed tray holders and they’re working well inside the plastic greenhouse. Why buy when you can find, eh?


Hand in glove (the sun shines out of our raised beds)

I spent a few hours in the front garden this morning as it was so nice (and the front was well overdue a tidy-up.) The only trouble was I couldn’t find my usual gardening gloves so did most of it bare-handed without any hand protection. Am I suffering now? Too right, me hands are as sore as anything and talk about blisters!

First thing tomorrow morning (er, midday) I will be popping down Shannon’s for some decent gardening gloves. The ones below are my favourites (as they remind me of my council non-work gardening days,) what are yours? Please send us  pics of your favourite gardening gloves to the usual email: onedeckpete (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll show them in our new feature “Gardening gloves of the month.”

the queen of council gloves

Talking of gloves, I remember a couple of years ago when I was on a course ran by our good gardening friend Scarlett I was introduced to the latest in hand protection technology, “Gloves in a bottle.” Now you’re talking, luxury!

Gloves in a itTalking of Morrissey, a mate met him once while his band was supporting The Smiths on a couple of dates on a tour years and I recently asked him “Was Mozza a good bloke?” to which he replied “Not really, he had a really clammy handshake.” How can you judge a person by his or her handshake?

Walk tall (and look the world right in the eye)

Spring has well sprung and today it’s looks like it’s sprung a blimmin’ leak as it was tipping it down most of the day here. The Egyptian Walking Onions are starting to form topsets, boy what a mad plant that is! Mine was originally obtained from Shannon’s a year or so ago and the plant below is off one of the top-sets which I didn’t give away.

walking back to happiness I grow it as I love how bonkers the plant grows rather than to eat it. If anyone fancies growing some, let us know later in the year and I’ll gladly pass on a couple of seed onions (for the price of a stamped addressed envelope, remember those things?) Walking onionAll of the plant is edible and here’s what it says about that on egyptianonion.com; “Egyptian Walking Onions taste just like a regular onion, only with a bit more pizzazz! Small onions form at the base in the soil. They can be eaten and prepared just like any other onion. The hollow greens may be chopped to eat like chives or green onions. They are excellent when fried, cooked in soups, or raw in salads. The topsets are excellent when peeled and fried.”

Giant ComfreyAlso I’ve been noticing how mad the Comfrey has grown (it’s to the right of the Red Hot Poker above and swamping the Lupin!), the one above came from a root given to us from our good friend Scarlett and it’s nearly five foot now! If you rip off some leaves every now an again and let them rot in a bucket with a small bit of water for a couple of months you get some great liquid plant food. Putrid is not the word to describe the smell of the stuff while it is fermenting, it smells ten times as worse as it looks (and it looks pretty bad to say the least!)

brewing up

Two in an end of term style

Thanks to Steve Barker and the On The Wire Crew for these two half term specials played on last week’s show:

Prince Buster’s All-Stars – Idi Amin – Prince Buster
A tough horns led 1970’s instrumental with a nice dub to boot!

Vivian Jackson & The Prophets – Sipping I & I Chalice – Prophets
Going back in time with the Jesus Dread and a tune in parts reminiscent of Carl Malcolm’s classic “No Jestering.” 

Two tunes to play loud on the i-pod while walking around the back garden in the dark with a torch looking for those pesky slugs and snails.